What’s in a Gift?!


What do a birthday, a wedding, a graduation celebration, an anniversary party and Diwali have in common? Gifts! Everyone loves to receive them but not everyone likes to buy them. As varied as the occasions, the gifts come in all shapes and sizes and from equally different sources. While some are a joy to behold, others are simply thoughtless and may even be downright offensive. Some of the gifts are put together in a hurry and others are carefully planned. The thought that goes behind selecting a gift is the sentiment that can make it just perfect for the receiver. Read on to find out what the gift you receive could say about the person giving it to you.

The Passed-on-Forever KindsIts Diwali time and you get a box of dry fruits with the edges having frayed a good deal. Open it and the chances are the dry fruit would have gone bad. Read the date of packaging and it may carry a date for last year or so. It may even be a sandwich toaster from three years back; the warranty having expired and the box bearing the brunt of too many gift wrapping marks to even be considered as a gift for someone else.

Who gives something like this – Given by people who are either just plain stingy or really feeling the pinch penny-wise. It also indicates the person’s lack of respect for the person receiving the gift.

Deal with it – If it feels insulting, politely return it saying you cannot accept it. You do not need to offer any explanation for the same, but be firm in returning it.

The Perfectly Thoughtless GiftYou are having a baby shower and someone gives you a dress in Extra-small size, making it just 6 sizes too small. To make things worse, you simply cannot exchange it as it is not this season’s style and had probably been brought two seasons back during a sale. Not only does it not fit, it makes you feel miserable about your body.

Who gives something like this – Either someone who really hates you or is too busy in their high castle to notice that thoughtless gifts could hurt people.

Deal with it – If they do it every time, ask them for an exchange receipt. If it continues still, stop exchanging gifts with them and instead bake a cake for them or take them out for a treat on their special occasions and encourage them to do the same.

The Over -whelming GiftThe exact opposite of the stingy gift; the giver is too generous, the gift is amazing but still makes you feel anxious. An expensive limited edition perfume, a author signed copy of a rare book, a monogrammed luxury wallet and more, these gifts could send you into a tizzy just thinking about what you will gift them when it is their turn to be at the receiving end.

Who gives something like this – It is either someone who really cares to buy you the very best, money no bar; or someone with a hidden agenda.

Deal with it – If it is someone really close to you, thank them and don’t feel the pressure to be able to match it, show your affection in your own way. For someone you don’t know much, tell them you cannot accept it as it is too extravagant but would love to get to know them better; maybe they do mean well.

The Perfect GiftA lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect gift and that is exactly what makes it wonderful. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb and can just as well be a bottle of homemade orange preserve, it just has to be well meaning. There are occasions that call for romantic gifts and others where a practical gift would be more appropriate.

Who gives something like this – Someone who really cares and makes sure that your important day is made even better with their thoughtfulness.

Deal with it – Thank them very sincerely and appreciate the extra mile they went to make the effort to find something you really love. Return the thought with an equally well thought out gesture.


On Sale; Not for Free!

Rejoice, the sale season is here…



The temperatures have dropped a few notches and as if to celebrate, many stores have announced the beginning of sales. From Sector-17 and DT City Centre to Elante Mall, Sales are ruling the roost. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? We all do and in keeping with this, plan to splurge on a variety of articles. There are many of us who get so carried away by the discounts that we fail to realise that they are up for grabs for a discount and not for free. Many of our sale shopping spree items gather dust in our wardrobes as they are either too tight, too loose, or just not our style. Then what prompts us to pick them in the first place? Many a times it is simply the hurry to pick up the best of the lot before someone else does. Keep in mind a few things to maximize your bargains’ worth.



Try it onThere are things like scarves and totes that you can just pick off the shelf, but it is an entirely different ball game when it comes to clothes as their smartness is in the fit. Never shop for anything, especially jeans, without first trying them on. When you do try them on, be as critical of the fit as you would of a fresh pair without a sale. After all, the clothes are on discount but that doesn’t mean that they can hang shapelessly. If that is the case, they will not cost you less but be an expensive splurge as you will end up not wearing them.



 Buy the expensive basics – Spend on jeans, belts and t-shirts as they are unlikely to be out of style in the coming season. Buy your running shoes, your basic black or metallic stilettos and wedges and fit-flops as you will be wearing them irrespective of the trends. Pick up a few of-the-moment pieces at the marked-down prices and wear them right away, but not too many as they might be out of style by the next season.



Check and double check – Recheck all buttons, seams, zippers and pockets as there are many others who are trying on these pieces and some of the more popular pieces lose a button or two in the hustle-bustle. Your discounted top won’t be much fun to wear if the top two buttons are missing or a jacket has a zipper that doesn’t work. Check for lipstick stains and ensure your money doesn’t go down the drain as most shops will not exchange or return anything bought during the sale period.



Don’t be Impulsive – Sometimes sales make you buy things you don’t need. When you head out to shop, be very clear of what you need. You may think you will use something just because it is on a really cool discount, but the truth is that if you needed it that badly, it would be on your list in the first place.


Take Opinion – Go for shopping with a friend whose judgement you trust, that way both of you can advise each other on what is genuinely good and what is not. Saves money and a lot of heartache at having not worn something  you bought – ever.



Pay Cash – Using a credit card may make you lose perspective and you may end up shopping for way more than you intended to. Plan your shopping and stick to a budget. You don’t want to be broke when the fresh collection is wheeled in. it is but natural that you will want to shop some more when the stores put their new collection on display; make allowance for that.

Shop till you drop and make it count.

No Vacation? Don’t Sweat It

Is the holiday season bogging you down? Have you seriously contemplated deleting your Facebook App from your Smartphone? Is listening to everyone else’s vacation making you grumpy? Don’t wind yourself up over it, there’s a lot you can do about it. Here’s a low-down on the best –



Latest Research Shows It Is Not The Vacation, Rather The Planning That Ups The Happiness QuotientA study by researchers from the Netherlands has gone on to find that people who were back from a vacation were not necessarily happier than their counterparts who did not go for a vacation and those who were happier, quickly came back to their original happiness levels. It was the planning for the vacation that gave them the ultimate high. So, take a cue and plan a vacation you have forever wanted to go on. Planning involves no budgeting and you can always change your plan anytime you want. While you can only make time for a holiday two-three times a year, you can plan any number of vacations and they will come in handy when you actually get down to leaving for one.



Go Ahead, Hit DeleteIf your friends’ pictures on social networking sites are bothering you too much, even when you are trying to feel happy for them, feel free to delete the apps from your phone and tablet. You are not alone in feeling that way. German researchers have found that looking at other people’s vacation pictures does make you see green. So, go easy on yourself and choose to ignore all that makes you feel less happy.



Remember, You Hear Only About The Best Parts – While you get to see the beaches, the snow-clad peaks and the neon lights in the background; you never hear about the sunburns, the travel agent who ripped them off by booking them into a seedy hotel or how they got diarrhoea and missed half their itinerary. Ever wonder why paunches never show, complexions look flawless and the skies azure blue? Download an app that will fix anything using a multitude of tools for cropping and editing and even your garden will look like the lawn of a resort.



Take a Break, Aim to RelaxVacations are not necessarily about travelling far and wide; they are undertaken to unwind and relax. Who says you can’t relax without breaking a bank. There is more than a fat chance that you have not seen the tourist attraction in your city and around it. Take an off for a day or two and be a tourist in your own city. Go visit The Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake or just take a day trip to Kasauli. Book yourself into a local resort or hotel for a night and enjoy the room service or drinks by the pool. Just a short break from your routine is enough to make you feel fresher and brighter.



Remember Good TimesEver body is not off to an exotic holiday at the same time. There was a time when you were envied by your friends for having gone on that wonderful vacation. It was your time to revel then and it is theirs now; take heart and relive old memories. A walk down memory lane by looking at old vacation pictures also leaves you with a warm glow in your heart.

Give Happiness a Chance!

Happiness is a state of mind that we cultivate out of habit. Everyone has troubles, big and small. Happiness is a result not of getting a better share of life’s smiles but has everything to do with attitude towards life. It is not whether your glass is half full or empty but what you perceive the glass has in it. If you have a half-full glass of misery, it is no fun even if it is half-full; instead aim for a glass with a little positivity or simply add a few cubes of a cool attitude. The happiest people in the world are not the most blessed but the most satisfied with what life doles out.



Learn a bit from Bhutan that measures the progress and welfare of its people not by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but GNH (Gross National Happiness). If that is not possible to change nationally, try doing it on an individual level. Start by measuring your success not in terms of your pay package or position in the company but the number of hours you spend on being happy. It could be curling up to read a book, indulging in your favourite sport, hanging out with your kids, stealing unscheduled moments with your special someone or just sleeping-in on Sundays. Come on, even Anil Ambani makes the time for a Marathon!

Aiming for the top university abroad and putting everything else on hold till then Vs Putting in your best and enjoying life as it comes.

Exhausted Student Falling Asleep While Cramming

 Vs  putting in your best

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-TWHfSx1AIt0/UHIrm6cZozI/AAAAAAAABIw/iClcifHRh-M/s1600/studying_hard.jpg and http://chicagofilmmakers.org/cf/sites/default/files/image/Fiscal%20Sponsorship/PoolsCropped.jpg

Trying hard to book tables at the latest restaurant and not finding a place Vs Walking hand-in-hand along a lake, talking your heart out or even relishing the togetherness in total silence.

restaurant reservations Vs lake walk

http://in.all.biz/img/in/service_catalog/17700.jpeg and http://www.google.co.in/imgres?biw=1366&bih=600&tbm=isch&tbnid=oCyrIgtSE8oSlM:&imgrefurl=http://www.urban75.org/photos/london/lon303.html&docid=nT6Se7PxV8_qeM&imgurl=http://www.urban75.org/photos/london/images/lon303.jpg&w=400&h=300&ei=swGrUYmqI4-nrAfyxYGQCQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:15,s:0,i:123&iact=rc&dur=921&page=1&tbnh=194&tbnw=259&start=0&ndsp=16&tx=70&ty=112

Finding the perfect dress for yet another party Vs Altering hand-me-downs to look your best at your birthday.

dress hunting Vs Happy in Hand-me-downs

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRq8_UvNO3MxrzrPT3-TpFME-TjSMoZ-pQcp0SEAsbtoQwpI2Nv and http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR9Wsp73KflrHge7xralBVR2ZwV1ichdXvAdGhyThajtKzMgm3V

Not enjoying the food at a fancy place after spending a small fortune Vs Getting a meal to fill your tummy.

boring food Vs enjoying a stomach full of food

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRt7YNbIXyjLIq99R8YaAIHBPjuj-KlBmwqTvjxqORDVAHtutpB and http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Environment/Pix/columnists/2012/1/18/1326907592032/MDG–Malnutrition-in-Indi-007.jpg

Missing an episode of your favourite show due to uninformed guests or unscheduled work Vs Missing an episode of your favourite show to catch up with friends for a game of cricket, many times a week.

annoyed at missing TV Vs Street cricket, Varanasi

http://images.sodahead.com/polls/003608565/5151715884_annoyed1_xlarge.jpeg and http://oldezgold.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/india_pix_05.jpg

Misplacing your mobile and missing an important call Vs Not owning a phone or using it as a convenience and not making it an inconvenience. Let it go once in a while. 

missed-calls1 Vs keep-calm-and-turn-off-your-mobile-phone

https://exploreb2b.com/system/images/11364/medium/missed-calls1.jpg?1364258149 and http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-and-turn-off-your-mobile-phone.png

It is not the hours in your life but the life in those hours that define your happiness. Try cramming in everything in a single day and you will end up enjoying nothing that you do. Stop a while, slow down and savour every moment. In the times of fast-food and fast-gratification, the path to happiness is slowing down.

Seven Things that Announce Summer in Chandigarh

You know its summer in your city when –



Watermelons pave the roadsidesAnywhere you go to, your commute is marked by many vendors along the road selling watermelons, huge mounds on either side. The striped green and the dark green varieties jostle for space both in the mounds and in the hands of eager shoppers. The knight with the dagger, the vendor, slashes deftly through the sweetest pieces after sifting through a few to convince the customers of their sweetness. After haggling for the best price, the proud owners proceed home, holding forth their prized possession with the broadest smile.



Mirages Crop UpAny time you look at a distance on a stretch of road, you can spot a pool of water. The closer you get to it the farther it seems to go away. A shimmering oasis in the sweltering heat that is so near, yet so far. As you wonder about the presence of water in the parched surroundings, it outruns you.



A Chabeel, though increasingly less commonNothing beats the heat like a glass of cool water or squash. What better way to indulge in community service than to have a small tent with huge pots serving refreshing drinks or even just cold drinking water? Placed strategically near bus stops, temples or gurudwaras, they politely cajole you to partake of the cool thirst quenchers.



Shorts, skirts, spaghettis and flip-flopsThe sun begets the best wardrobes around the year. Flirty and floral; clothes for women barely reach the knees and are paired with the most vibrant sandals and slippers. Even men’s casual wear transforms to shorts and sandals, giving them a respite from the uniform of trousers or jeans paired with shirts or tees. Be it at the swanky malls or the captivating sector – 17 Plaza, the cool summer wear is a treat for the eyes.



Crazy sun-shields like dupattas and full-sleeved shirts – The fear of tanning drives women on two-wheelers to wrap their faces and arms securely in dupattas (scarves) with sun-glasses covering the eyes. Even those driving cars make it a point to wear full-sleeve shirts to escape the wrath of the UV rays. Stop at any traffic light point in Chandigarh and you are sure to encounter a bevy of girls thus dressed.


Chuski or Gola Shaved ice with a variety of flavoured sugar syrups or sharbets (squash) command the attention of everyone withering under the glare of the sun. Enjoyed alike by kids and adults, a gola is immensely enjoyable and mouth-watering. Every worthy market in Chandigarh boasts of a specialist.



Earthen PotsDecorated, enamelled or plain earthen pots for storing water are commonplace around Chandigarh at this time of the year. Special pots with dispensing taps are also available at many places which can be easily spotted by the reddish-brown colour of the ware being sold.

If you are from the Tricity of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali, you would definitely have come across these summer specials. Feel free to add to the list and those of you not from the tricity; do tell about your favourite summer treats and visuals.

Make Your Girl Feel like a Million Bucks, on a Shoe-String Budget!

Any girl who is treated like a princess by her man will feel special even without having any gifts showered on her. To make a day memorable or extra-special, or take your relationship to the next level, read on to find tips that will make her groove to your tune!

Flowers chandigarh

Flowers express love like nothing else!

Source – http://chandigarhflorist.in/classes/timthumb.php?src=http://chandigarhflorist.in/images/products/product_image_43.jpg&w=300&h=300&zc=0

Say it with flowers – Women are suckers for romance and nothing says it like flowers do. Get the biggest and brightest bunch of flowers you can find, preferably the ones she likes (she may be a lilies girl, a roses girl or an orchids girl). The more unexpected the flowers, the happier she will be. Get them at Ferns n Petals, many other florists in all sectors or even a bunch of colourful wild flowers would do nicely!

Holding hands is the key to her heart

Source – http://cdn.divinecaroline.com/sites/divinecaroline.com/files/styles/story_detail/public/couple_walking_lake.jpg

Hold her hand – Stroll along the Sukhna Lake in the evening or just in the park closest to your place. Remember to hold her hand and look into her eyes ever so often. Hold her hand through a tear-jerker or a chic flick; with so many multiplexes around town, that shouldn’t be a problem. From Fun Republic, Waves and PVR to DT and many more, there are many attractive options to choose from.

Love the thought behind the effort

Source – http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YFg6BqvZxEA/TrGq8VZfMYI/AAAAAAAAAkc/IOLqAVDISNU/s1600/DSC07645.JPG

Share her day’s burden – Do little things for her like making her tea, helping her fold the laundry, make the beds, shop for groceries or just help her with the kids. You may not be a great cook but anyone can fix a sandwich and she will love it no matter what.

Put your admiration for her into words

Source – http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/blogs/smitten/2012/08/29/0829-man-admiring-woman-compliment_sm.jpg

Tell her she’s beautiful and mean it – Every woman loves to be complimented and a sincere compliment can actually be the highlight of her day. The keyword here is ‘sincere’. Women have a keen sense of telling apart a lie from the truth, so make it something you really mean. It could be, I Love the twinkle in your eyes when you smile, I love how you talk using your hands or just run your fingers through her hair and smile, she’ll know it.

Old memories are like heirloom pieces, priceless!

Source – http://s3.favim.com/orig/45/black-blackandwhite-fun-grey-memories-Favim.com-407582.jpg

Relive old memories – Nothing reignites the flame of love like a trip down memory lane. Sift through old photographs, share anecdotes and laugh at the times gone by. Because men are not known to enjoy being mushy over old memories, this will mean the world to her.

Text your way into her heart

Source – http://www.laineygossip.com/Content/images/lifestyle/sasha%20texting%2030jul12.jpg

Don’t underestimate the power of texting – Not everyone can just get up and leave for a day out with their loved ones but that should not stop you from making her look forward for you to be together with a slew of romantic text messages. Build up the suspense for a candle-light dinner or even chaat-papri at her favourite stall in Sector-23, 9, Sindhi Sweets, Gopal Sweets and many more places. Give her clues or teasers for what you have planned for the evening and you can be sure that she will sport a smile all day and be eagerly waiting for a wonderful time together.

Take your pick and watch her smile spread happiness in your world. Smiles don’t have to cost a bomb; remember it is the thought that counts.

Chili’s – The Hot New Eatery!

Lip-smacking Good!

Lip-smacking Good!



The menu rightly says, ‘Like No Place Else’. There isn’t another place that serves delectable Mexican food like Chili’s does. Located at the newest and hippest address in Chandigarh, the Elante Mall, Chili’s the place to be for all foodaholics. The only reason it can be difficult to reach is the fact that it is atop a few floors full of the most sought after national and international brands that could distract any female company you may have!



Look and Feel – First impressions first; the place is jam packed around the clock and if you are lucky enough to find a table quickly, you are bound to think you will have to wait forever to be served. But surprisingly, the service is good. Our request for a quick meal was met with a promise of fifteen minutes and the meal delivered in ten. The servers are well versed with the menu and will be glad to suggest vegetarian options. Be careful while ordering as the items all look very tempting and the portion sizes huge.


Vibe – A quintessential south-west American colour scheme and a welcoming bright red pepper as the logo keep you company. Vibrant and lively, the décor is very upbeat. The bar area is very chicly designed and the young and sprightly staff add a fun element to the place. Attention to detail is evident from the quirky lamps, tiled tables and every other single element that adds to the look of the place. Not just the place but the food is very appetising to look at as well. That too at pretty reasonable prices, keeping in mind the quantity.


Drool Worthy Food – Although the menu offers varied fare, the best thing there is definitely the Steak – Juicy and Melt-in-the-mouth. Choose from a variety of burgers, quesadillas, tacos and fajitas and you will not be disappointed. From sumptuous salads and yummy entrees to juicy ribs and hearty burgers for main course; top up the perfect meal with the sinful desserts. It is one of the few places where dessert comprises of things other than ice-cream sundaes and chocolate in some form or the other. Choose from cheesecakes and puddings, each a divine treat.

Don’t miss out on the fun and chill out at Chili’s, today.

A Short Delightful Drive – Chandigarh to Dharampur

Who needs a reason to have fun?!

Anytime the weather is cloudy and cool or anytime it is hot and unbearable or boring or just plain romantic; head up the hills and find yourself in a completely different setting. Surround yourself with the tranquillity of the Shivalik foothills, a mere hour’s drive or so. Chandigarh is itself framed by engaging views of mountains and they beckon ever so often and couples, lovebirds and friends all flock there once in a while. An outing that doesn’t require much planning, just a few willing friends, a hot girlfriend or a hunky boyfriend, and you are ready for a heady time in the hills.

Kalka-Pinjore Highway

Kalka-Pinjore Highway

Source- http://www.skyscapercity.com

Dream Highway, so close-by – The new Pinjore-Kalka-Parwanoo Highway is amazing to say the least. A smooth, picturesque drive flanked by mountains, it takes you a few minutes to realize you are still on home turf. Comparable to the best mountainous drives in the world, the winding road is best travelled at a relaxed pace, with intermittent stops to capture the moments on camera. Gone are the days of dread when a trip through Kalka was nothing short of a nightmare. All that you experience now is sheer bliss and the cool mountain breeze.

Two wheels or four, you’ll have fun for sure – With your buddies it is always more the merrier, while a little quietude might be in order for the romantics. Take your pick from amongst a motorbike or a four-wheeler; nothing comes between you and a wonderful time. Both can be adequately fun and intimate.  Enroute, make a stop at Timber Trail and the view from The Deck is worth the trip and the food an added bonus. Carry on for a few more kilometres, not for better food but for definitely better views and a cooler clime.

Ishar Sweets, Kulfi

Ishar Sweets, Kulfi

Source – http://www.pages.rediff.com

Kulfi time – Arguably one of the most silken kulfis in the region, ten minutes before you reach Dahrampur, you will come across the famous Ishar Sweets. Once a crowd puller on the already jammed Kalka road, it has opened up shop on this stretch. Dipped in mouth-watering Rabdi, they are certainly not to be missed. Also worth trying is the granular milkcake, the caramelised brown portion being fought over the most!

Giani Dhaba, Dharampur

Giani Dhaba, Dharampur

Source – http://www.panoramio.com

And Finally Dharampur – Not more than a hamlet, the charm of the place is not in the town itself but a combination of many factors; the enigmatic views, the cosy drive, the rustic food at the many old joints and fast food at the newer places. While many know about the Giani Dhaba, with its delectable stuffed tandoori paranthas and chicken preparations and the many café chains and fast food joints that have come up here; the place with the best view and decent food is the Basil & Bean Bistro.

Crisp Pakoras, B&B

Crisp Pakoras, B&B  Source – http://www.deshigrub.com

Basil & Bean Bistro, Dharampur

Basil & Bean Bistro, Dharampur

Red Blooms, B&B

Red Blooms, B&B












                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           They do crisp vegetable pakoras, a yummy cappuccino, chicken curry and vegetable cutlets, all of which are the perfect accompaniments to the mesmerising view of Kasauli to the right, a quaint temple further down and the greenery that surrounds.

A really convenient trip to a breathtaking getaway, a stone’s throw from Chandigarh, it is a fuss-free break without the unending packing and planning, that you can undertake in the middle of the week and be back in acouple of hours, all refreshed.

Neon – The New Style Staple


Dress to Impress in Neon

Dress to Impress in Neon

(Sources- www.trendhunter.com, accessories.about.com, weheartit.com, www.geeksugar.com, www.missselfridge.com, www.seattleite.com, http://www.halfpriceperfumes.co.uk)

Neon is the new red. It is a palette of colours that calls out to you to dare and go all out. Not for the chicken hearted, it has even the die-hard fashionistas shy away from it. But there is a way to channel in the chic look of these fluorescent colours without looking trashy. Master the little tricks and sashay out in style.

Pat you bold alter ego – Pair together two neon colours, preferably ones that are closer together on the colour wheel; say red and pink, yellow and orange, green and blue. While there is no rule against contrasting, staying closer on the colour wheel is a safer bet. Instead of choosing the two colours as those of the upper and lower garments, choose one neon colour as the upper or lower and wear the other as an accessory. Try pairing neon trousers with a neon bag or bracelet. Pick pieces that suit your personality and don’t get swayed blindly.



Play safe – Wear neutral colours and carry one bold accessory, such as a yellow clutch or pop pink wedges. Nothing sets off a white shirt and a pair of jeans better than a bright belt. A simple black dress becomes totally drool worthy when paired with a neon blue string of quirky beads. Pair your beige trousers with a stack of chunky cuffs and bangles in varied shades of pop. If that is also too adventurous, just paint your nails a vivid green, orange, pink, blue or yellow and be in sync with fashion without trying too hard.

images (1)

download (1)


site.shopchameleon.com &  hellobeautiful.com




Budget or Binge – The big question is whether to spend a lot of money on maintaining a wardrobe of this fashion essential. Unlike basics like denims, trousers and uppers in neutral colours, this is a trend that you cannot repeat too frequently as it is stands out and is easy to spot as a repeat. Even if you buy a few accessories and a couple of pieces of garments, it is easy to go way off budget. Try to mix and match pieces from budget brands with high end ones. With the trend being so huge, it is easily available across stores of all kind.

From Shastri Market to Elante – Chandigarh is the fashion hub of north India and you can source this hot style from almost every place here. Head to rehri markets of sectors 15, 19, 22 and 34 and take your pick from neon denims, trousers, tops, tees and an unimaginable array of trinkets. While they may not last you very long, they are so easy on the pocket, you won’t really mind. The other and more happening option is the newly opened mall, Elante. Head to Zara, the all time favourite or to Splash for chic and mid-ranged apparel. There are numerous options from various brands at Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop and Westside that will have you enthralled by the sheer variety. Take your pick of this bright trend and be ahead of the fashion frat.

Music for the Soul – Satva


For a relaxed night out with your someone special or with a bunch of friends, the heart-warming music at Satva, Sector-26, Chandigarh, is the perfect go to place. The ambience is earthy with mood lighting that pairs wonderfully with the delectable food. As you step down from the oriental décor of Mainland China, the dimness takes only a few moments to adjust to and is the perfect initiation into a charming world ensconced by Sufi notes. Dim but never dull, the place vibrates with a wonderful energy that will have you coming back for more.

The Décor – The simplistic décor is off-set by lamps dangling from the ceiling and giving the rustic feel of lanterns. The warm glow is like the night sky with many amber stars. With sitting options galore for couples and  large groups, prop yourself on a high chair, a sofa or a stool at the bar and every point gives you a vantage view of the vibrant bands belting out soulful music.20130421-171032.jpg

The Music – From soft old Hindi numbers to classical songs that stir a Sufi vibe, they keep you enthralled till late into the night. Such is the draw of these bands that the guests cannot help but dance to their tunes. You too will find yourself taken over by a strong urge to put on your dancing shoes and lay your inhibitions to rest. Those who are not dancing on the floor are definitely swaying to the music on their seats.

The Food – To rev up the jamboree, add a few dishes to fire up your senses. The pan-fried fish is not to be missed and for vegetarians there is a crisp and spicy baby corn and mushroom to relish.  A well stocked bar and numerous cocktails and mocktails to suit your fancy make it a must visit for those who enjoy a good drink, paired well with their food.